Lately I've had a very practical problem - I never have enough coins for my kid's allowance. It's really more of a digital-era thing, who has pocket change these days anyways? I am talking exact small amounts, like 50ct.

See it in action :)

I was still aiming to have a sort-of physical way of giving the allowance, so all the kids do these days is on Monday they tap my phone with their personal coin, which opens a website where I can send them the allowance on their account. There is still the element of giving the allowance, just not the hassle of having to have small change lying around ;)


As I wanted a technical solution to this, I have created a 3 things:

  1. bank account for my kids
  2. an NFC token with a unique URL programmed in it. This points to a website that links to the bank account number
  3. 3D printed coin that has their profile on a side and has the NFC embedded

Get yours!

Matej Konecny

Matej Konecny

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