Backup to Microsoft OneDrive with Synology’s Hyper Backup

Credits go to as I've copied most of it :).

Install a proxy Docker image on Synology

Run the basic-to-passport-auth-http-proxy Docker image and configure a WebDAV backup destination in Hyper Backup.

Just install the above Docker image (search for skleeschulte in the Docker browser in Synology):

  1. Configure the local port (I've used :3001)
  2. Add a variable named PROXY_TARGET with the value
  3. Start the container and check logs (it should be running just fine)

Configure HyperBackup

  1. Get your OneDrive CID: navigate to and log in to OneDrive. When the browser has finished loading the OneDrive interface, the address bar should show something like ABCDEFG123456789 is your CID
  2. Create an application password in your Microsoft account. This would be a your password to use with your CID
  3. Create a new WebDav task in HyperBackup:
    a) Server address: localhost:3000/ONEDRIVE_CID
    b) Username: your OneDrive username (= email address)
    c) Password: your OneDrive application password
    d) Select proper folder and finish the backup task
  4. Profit
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