Headless CMS comparison

For a hobby project of mine, I was looking to use Ghost to host the content and generate the layout etc. However, no matter how great Ghost is, it is very blog-focused and trying to fit a square peg in a round hole is not my thing.

So I've stumbled upon Headless CMS which apparently is a hot thing these days... See https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/top-17-headless-cms-platforms-available-2018-review-varghese/

I like the idea of having the content clearly defined in a queryable API and then just have a thin frontend/static app which fetches the data (and I can learn some React while doing that haha).

What I need

  1. Adding of different content types and uploading assets
  2. Preferably, resizing of the assets (images)
  3. At least 500 (but rather more) entries
  4. Optionally: useful examples to build the frontend (React)
  5. Optionally: self-hosted
  6. Optionally: no PHP


Still deciding :)

So far I like Prismic (no restrictions) and Strapi (self hosted)

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