Simple Android Stock Widget

I was fed up with all the "free stock widgets" for Android that either were over-complicated, stopped working after a while or just looked plain ugly...

Well, with Tasker, Minimalistic Text and an account on you can make your own and style it any way you want... This is something I got created in about an hour:

Resulting widget

How to

  1. Register for an free account. In the top of the page, use search for a stock symbol (like NASDAQ:TEAM). This will get the URL like<<token>>
    ⚡Make sure you use one for production, not the sandbox as shown above! ⚡
  2. Install both Tasker and Minimalistic Text on your Android


Create a widget in Minimalistic Text that would be your "stock widget". Use "Locale variables" as shown below. The names used in Tasker script are up, down, change.

Finally create a Tasker config which will refresh the quote every 10 minutes on the working days and update the shared variables between widget and Tasker:

Tasker profile

Use the following Tasker script as the Fetch Quote task.


The widget is a bit barebone – give it some nice colors, shadows, background etc. Nice thing to do is to configure Single Tap action to trigger the Fetch Quote Tasker task – the widget just refreshes itself if you tap on it. Ain't it nice?

Matej Konecny

Matej Konecny

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