Headless CMS comparison

For a hobby project of mine, I was thinking of using Ghost to host the content and generate the layout etc. However, no matter how great Ghost is, it is »

Collaborative slideshow and Spotify for your party

During one of my recent events (my wedding, actually) I wanted to do some fancy techie stuff. First to my mind came simple live slideshow - we've had a beamer »

Shareport + Squeezbox + Synology

I was tinkering a bit with my Synology DS213 and the Squeezebox server (Logitech Media Server). Aparently, you can use this great plugin to make every Squeeze player available as »

Nexus 9 and Android 5.0

I couldn't resist getting a new tablet. My old Nexus 7 2012 was getting so laggy I couldn't stand it. With the new Nexus 9 available I thought - why »

Getting Disqus working on localhost

I wanted to see how the Disqus comment block will look in my Ghost installation before pushing it to production, but I couldn't get the localhost setup working. All I »